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Lady and Chandelier

Exhibition by Boonhlue Yangsauy

27th May- 24th June 2017

A reflection of a woman who always ready to turn into a demons. They may looks soft and fragile on the outside but strong inside. They know that what is worth fighting for and do not afraid of the danger. They are the representative of the strong woman that will make any men bow for her. All the angels in disguise that are still very patient and strong minded even though they have to face with the numbers of cruel challenge and they are fighting it with their women’s artifice. They has the risk to be the prey of the predators that are willing to take the advantage from them. All of this is the sad truth of the human society that the artist Boonhlue perceive. ... Read More

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Thai Tiger

Artist by Sutee Kunavichayanont

Category : Mixed Media Art

Year: 2009


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