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Exhibition by Krissadank Intasorn

5 -26 November 2016

“ Imaginations are always important; without it the world would be so plain and not so beautiful ” number1gallery is proudly present the exhibition “ WELCOME TO OPAL’S WORLD ” by Krissadank Intasorn, which shows the story in opal’s imagination world. Because this world is not as beautiful as we wish it to be and the fact that there is so many bad things surrounded by and also the rules that society gave us, so imagination is the only solution to make us see our world in a beautiful way and escape from reality. opal’s world is also one of those worlds of imaginations, which has no limits and allows people to fully express themselves through the art on canvas, wood boards, or spaces that built with his own bonds, memories, and passion and do not care if somebody will be judging. Escaping to that world creates confident and makes him feel relieved to charge his energy to be ready to go back to the real world.... Read More

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Year: 2009


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