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Fake - Work II

Exhibition by Prawit Lumcharoen

October 8th - October 29th 2016

“Fake – Work II” the artworks of Prawit Lumcharoen were continued from the past exhibition which used the technique of portrait drawings inspired by the shine of aluminum foil to express about the replacement of technologies. This style of artwork becomes the signature of the artist, which aims to be contemporary to this era where the development of technology has already plays an important roles in human’s routine. 7 of the artworks were made in 2014, 3 in 2015, and 8 in 2016. All of them were drawn by using oil color and focused on thoughts and limitless development. Because of the growth of the technologies nowadays, humans are having all of the facilities to make their life easier; especially the people in the urban area that will live in the world of materials and artificial surface. Therefore, the artist took the uniqueness of the metallic surface to metaphor life, humans, animals, and object and express it to the artwork.... Read More

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