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Likit Nisitanakan

Born : December 13, 1973, Chiangrai

- Kururatvitaya Primary School (Chiangmai)
- Thummarajasuksa Watprashing Secondary School (Chiangmai)
- Bachelor Degree Rajamangala Institute of Technology (Painting), Pathumtani
- Master Degree in Thai Art, Silpakorn University

Solo Exhibitions
- 2012, Thai Paintings From the Buddhist Teaching At The National Art Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

Art Exhibitions
- PTT Art Exhibition 10th, 13th, 14th
- Panasonic Art Exhibition 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th
- Bua-Luang Art Exhibition 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31th, 32th
- Contemporary Art Exhibition for Young Artist 15th
- Toshiba Art Exhibition 17th
- Art The Thai Farmer Bank Exhibition to Honour The King
- 2002,Thai Art Exhibition by Thai Line Group, Bangkok House, BKK.
- 2002, 12 Thai Image Exhibition by 12 Artist, Silom RCK , BKK.
- 2002, Chiangrai City of Artists Exhibiton by Chiangrai Artist Group, Chiangrai
- 2005, “Over the Cloud and the Haze” exhibition at Nine Art Gallery, Chiangrai
- 2006, “The Natural Force in Thai Believe and Buddha’s Biography” exhibition at Number 1 Gallery, BKK.
- 2006, Contemporary Thai Art Exhibition at Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Gallery, Silpakorn University, BKK.
- 2006, Art Exhibition by 33 Heads, 231 tusk group at Grand Hyatt Erawan, BKK.
- 2007, The Art Exhibition Celebrating the 60th Royal Reign Anniversary by 60 Chiangrai Artist, Chiangrai Rachaphat University, Chiangrai
- 2008, Thai Art Exhibition by The North Faith 9 Thai Artists Group, Number One Gallery, BKK.
- 2009, “GMS Art Exhibition 2009” by Lanna – Xishuangbanna China Group, Chianrai Rachaphat University, Chiangrai
- 2009, Thai Art Exhibition by The North Thailand’s Master Degree Artists Group, Panisa Gallery, Chiangmai
- 2010, The Art Exhibition Celebrating the 60th Royal Wedding Anniversary by Various Artists and Women Medical Association, Siriracha Hospital, BKK.
- 2010, “The Image of Thai Spiritual” by 12 Artists Group, B.C. Galleria, Hua-Hin District Petchaburi Province.
2014, “Dhamma Riddles in Contemporary Thai Paintings & Paintings of Buddha's Life History (Conventional Truth)" by Likit Nisetanakarn and Surathin Tatana, The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok

Honors and Awards
- 1992, Second Prize, in High School level, painting in the topic “The Road to Democracy” of Student Weekly Magazine
- 1993, Toshiba Outstanding Award, in High School level
- 1993, Complimentary recognition, in High School level, from Land and House Company in The topic “Culture”
- 1993, Complimentary recognition, in Vocational Diploma level, from The Museum of Chiangmai, in the topic “Culture and Environment”
- 1994, Outstanding Award, in High School level, “25 years of Toshiba”
- 1994, Second Prize, in Vocational Diploma level, on the Celebration of 700 Years of Chiangmai, organized by The Museum of Chiangmai
- 1995, Complimentary recognition, from TOT, under the topic of “Nam Jai Hai Roi Yim”
- 1995, Outstanding Award, in High Vocational Diploma level, from the Department of Painting, Rajamangala Institute of Technology
- 1996, Complimentary recognition, from the Association of Thai Gems and Accessory Dealers, in painting for Songkran Festival Greeting cards
- 1996, Second Prize, animal pictures for Chiangmai Zoo
- 1997, Complimentary recognition, in the competition of proverbs, from The National Cultural Center
- 1998, Complimentary recognition, on the 65th years of Boonrod Brewery “Mong Singha Pan Silp”
- 1998, First Prize, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, under the topic “Self Sustainable Economy”
- 1999, Third Prize, The State Lottery Department Art Award
- 2000, Complimentary recognition, painting for embroidery by The Silpacheep Promotion Foundation and Silpakorn University
- 2001, Complimentary recognition, Painting for the Department of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative
- 2002, Outstanding Award, for College level, Painting for an Auspicious Occation to Celebrate the King’s Mother
- 2005, Second Prize, Silver Medal, the 27th Bua-Luang Traditional Thai painting. “A Utilization of the Power of Nature derived from Natural Phenomenon and Thai Mytical Animals as an Inspiration and the Creation of the Painting”
- 2006, Outstanding Award, Contemporary Painting, The 8th, Panasonic Competition
- 2006, Second Prize, Silver Medal, The 28th Bua-Luang Traditional Thai Painting. “A Utilization of the Power of Nature derived from Natural Phenomenon and Thai Mytical Animals as an Inspiration and the Creation of the Painting”
- 2007, Third Prize, Bronze Medal, The 30th Bua–Luang Traditional Thai Painting.

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