After Hours

Exhibition                 :   After Hours

Artist                        :   Nalidsa  Sukprasert

Opening reception    :   Thursday March 13

Exhibition Period        : March 13 - April 5  2014

Exhibition Venue        : Number 1 Gallery [exhibition room1]

The Silom Galleria Bld., Silom Rd.,Bangkok 

            Nalidsa  Sukprasert created this series of oil paintings from her many travels and observed the nightlife habits of people that she observed in pubs, bars, and discos in several countries from Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

While she was in the different bars she observed people in the nightlife environment and created sketches of drunk people, bartenders, ladies of the night, and barflies while these people were having fun drinking or dancing. Some people drinking alone with sadness and loneliness inside. 

In every painting Nalidsa used alcoholic drinks as a common theme that people use for socializing, having fun, entertaining and healing the soul’s emptiness.  Using yellow color as the night lights or reflection from beer bottles and using dark blues to symbolize the darkness of the nocturnal world.


Princess of Evil

Exhibition                 :   Princess of Evil

Artist                        :   Supamas   Taveechotipart

Opening reception    :   Thursday February 13

Exhibition Period        :   February 13 - March 8  2014

Exhibition Venue        :   Number 1 Gallery [exhibition room2]

The Silom Galleria Bld., Silom Rd.,Bangkok


            Princess of Evil  is an exhibition has communicate especially 2 sides of the fact in the  world between  the beauty and the badness, Looked both of 2 things are happen same time , That will be tacking to happy  bad mood is up to the attitude of the person seem have not the standard to judge its .

Supamas used  skull and rose to compare of the beauty and the badness. Always we found skull is mean almost of evil and made scared even skull is just a part of body , And rose the most of happiness and love mode .All that is Artist presents by simply of symbol to communicate for a bit of complicate of all the real life .


When I was just a little boy

Exhibition                 :   When I was just a little boy

Artist                        :   Poom  Pachavanish

Opening reception    :   Thursday November 14

Exhibition Period        :   November 14 – December 7  2013

Exhibition Venue        :   Number 1 Gallery [exhibition room2]

The Silom Galleria Bld., Silom Rd.,Bangkok


Poom’s  identity, His aspiration and thoughts are all transferred into the work and sometimes show some hint of those comic books. In real life, Artist  came across as non-expressive person who enjoys drawings and putting my thoughts on paper. His work appears to contain big amount of sexual content which started when artist  was young and, as well as many boys, find drawings of sexual parts funny. These in the eyes of many people can be seen in so many ways such as dirty jokes, differences between gender or sexual desires. Which is mainly why Poom  choose to portrait them in a more comical way that reminds me of the contrast feelings when he was still young, too innocent to make sense of it all, and the feeling when realize the symbolist meaning in each drawings in Poom’s comic books.


Me My Mind

Exhibition                :    Me My Mind

Artist                       :    Manit   Srisuwan

Opening reception   :    Thursday October 10

Exhibition Period       :    October 10 – November 9  2013

Exhibition Venue       :    Number 1 Gallery [exhibition room2]

The Silom Galleria Bld., Silom Rd.,Bangkok


created in order for me to understand and raise questions about how to find balance in lives in today’s society. Every human uses his or her own need and compulsion to motivate infinite numbers of desires and eagerness. Such condition inspires me to reconsider my unwilling condition within my own family. It is the way for me to revive the feelings and emotions from experience of myself and other family members and use them to examine the present situation. This process leads to the creation of paintings that rely on personal perception and concept. I create the work to help remind myself not to go too far into the unwilling condition and also help seek the real balance of my life.








Exhibition               :    Undead

Artist                      :    Kriangkrai   Kongkhanun  

Opening reception  :    Thursday September 5

Exhibition Period      :    September 5-28 2013

Exhibition Venue      :    Number 1 Gallery [exhibition room1]

The Silom Galleria Bld., Silom Rd.,Bangkok


In his latest exhibition, Kriangkrai’s drawings incorporate his iconic, organic figures which are in a constant struggle with unrelentingly sadistic demons. Emotionless eyes are ever-present, judging and condemning as the battle for autonomy and self-control persists. Contradictions permeate with delicately drawn wings giving a sense of flight while ghostly tears descend. The red petals, a glaring contrast against the black and white drawing, could be a sign of vitality blooming or the smear of blood as the life-force fades.